At RD to Health, we’ve crafted the art of empowered wellness by helping clients heal their mind and soul, while sculpting their bodies and improving their overall wellness. Our thoughtful wellness approach ensures clients achieve fitness and wellness goals with lasting results. Kelly Shaughnessy, RD to Health founder, trainer and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, is focused on improving the strength and motivation of each client with an encouraging, nurturing and hands-on approach to workouts and nutrition coaching. As a native Californian, Kelly understands the importance of being outdoors; the RD to Health team uses bodyweight training with minimal equipment, empowering clients to find creative ways to engage and use their body. Like you, RD to Health is on a journey, our goal is to continue to find ways to inspire and motivate our clients by focusing on ever-evolving transformations from the inside out.


RD to Health is based in Encinitas, CA and will work with clients in the greater San Diego area. Kelly is available for one-on-one training sessions, house calls, semi-private training and group training classes.  


Kelly is certified through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics with a Weight Management Specialty Certification.